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Long night hacking on the API

and I like it, I rrrrreally do. But now I have to untangle a huge knot in my head. Epic.

@meta: expect to hear from me soon :)

For all the others: We finally came back with post by email, which took us an embarrassingly long time to restore.

Wanna know why? Because we hit google mail's lnbox limit. Yes, you read right. It is easy to check with dnstools, soup's emails are routed to google. It is kind of a hack, but i like it. It is a good spam filter and the service is very reliable and cheap, and removes a huge deal of (recurring) workload.

But it has bandwith limits. Uh-oh.

Well, suffice it to say, we had other things to do (tm) the last few months^W weeks, and until the new imap server was set up and the import script was fixed ... well, it took us an embarrassingly time. We know. We are sorry. I feel with you, I really do - HTC is consequently delaying the Android 2.1 update for my hero - for more than 6 months now! 

On the plus side, John, our iPhone guy made some progress (as I heard), and Chris, who will be doing Android, had his first talk with UI designer in charge @c3o. We are immensly proud of our two mobile chaps.

Expect a lot from us in the next few months, and please forgive us some of the bumps... we had and have a load of overdue work and meta-crap to do.

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